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Friday, September 28, 2012

SURe Baqau

It all started with someone's suggestion of having a small BBQ session among 4-5 families. For a nominal fee of rm 20 per head, you can enjoy beef, lamb, chicken, spaghetti and of course in the company of good neighbourly conversation. Word spread quickly and we eventually ended up serving more than 5o residents.

Sinaran Ukay Residents.
for a better standard of living

Thursday, September 27, 2012

SURe Got Talent

The first call for entry received lukewarm response from the residents. Only two young participants registered and unfortunately it did not make enough quorum to form a band. Since this is the first of four sessions it is expected that it will take a while before we gather momentum. Nevertheless we will continue to search for young participants to form a band for SURe.

The next session will be announced soon.

Here is a short clip for our entertainment pleasure.

SURe got talent on SURe TV

Sinaran Ukay Residence (SURe)
for a better standard of living

Maintenance of Lifts

A very important ritual in our everyday lives is the use of the lift. It has been more than 15 years since the lifts were first installed and so far no major issues has been reported on its performance until lately.

There were reported cases of residents being trapped in lifts and cases of jammed lifts due to overloading, even though regular maintenance were carried out diligently.

It was found that there were some major parts of the lifts that due to its wear and tear needed to be replaced as soon as possible to function as smoothly as it should.

The JMB has requested all residents to expedite all payment of outstanding fees and acquire the necessary funds to carry out these crucial efforts.

Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated for the safety of everyone in Sinaran Ukay Residence.

Insufficient Funds

It could be due to the Hari Raya expenses that residents were believed to have prioritized their expenditure towards 'Balik Kampung, Baju Raya, etc and hence neglected their commitment of paying this month's  maintenance fee .

Record showed (at the time of writing) that the maintenance fee received this month was only half of the required amount needed to upkeep the running of this condominium.

Let us hope all residents do their part in fulfilling their commitment in making Sinaran Ukay a much better place to Live in.

A reminder (with a list of those who have yet to pay their maintenance fee) has been sent to each and every home.

Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SURe Got Talent


Do you think your child has what it takes to be 'discovered' ? 

Then come and join the audition to form the first Music Band for SURe (Sinaran Ukay Residence) * terms & conditions applied .You may even appear on SURe TV and be broadcasted throughout the world (courtesy of YouTube) and be discovered like YUNA ; )

Starting from Saturday the 22nd September we will be conducting an audition to pick at least 4-5  young hopefuls to be trained for free for 3 weekends with a chance to perform on the 4th weekend right here in Sinaran Ukay Residence. Instruments will be provided.

We are also looking for experienced musicians to help the current volunteers to teach these young hopefuls. 

Write in to us through facebook , blogspot or drop by the office for further details.

Stay Tuned for further details.

for a better standard of living

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