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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BBQ announcement


Date  :  07TH FEBRUARY 2009  

Time: 08.00pm – Pool Area 

Dear Residents

We thank , all those who have confirmed their participation. Thus far we have 40 confirmed residents. We hope to see more to join in. Please pay your contribution at the office or at café before 01st , February 2009. 

Management off  : 

Fazlina   4107 1294   1000 – 1600 hours

Café – Dadzie             2000 – 2200 hours

Charges for Single person     : RM20-00 

Additional person  : RM10-00 per head

Child of age 07 years old and below is exempted.

Planned  Activities : Karaoke for adult   and for children – camp out at pool area, DVD Show, Colouring & treasure hunt.

Note : we also seek volunteers to organize the event.  

Next informal discussion will be held on the 31st. Jan at 08.30pm - café. 

Get  Together  For A Better Living Standard Of Sinaran Ukay


Sunday, January 25, 2009



Wishing all our Chinese Neighbours


A very 
Happy Chinese New Year 
of the Ox

26 January 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

BBQ finalising meeting

Last night we had a meeting on the above, and found out that responds from confirmed participants were overwhelming. 
Food, games, kids activities were among other things discussed. 
Watch out for this space as we will update the latest very soon once we finalised some matters.

Nazarudin, Dahili, Azhar, Lan, Dadzie, Krish, Asri, Jamal and Yazid were present to fulfilled a quorum. 

An unexpected visitor popped in or rather popped out of the aquarium to join the meeting. Eventually Mr. Prawn was ushered back into his home complete with snapping claws with Mr Cat looking anxiously from a distance.

The meeting ended at 3 am with of course on a totally different topic. At that time there were 5 of us left laughing away through the night, no thanks to Azhar's hilarious antics.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2nd BBQ meeting

Reminder to all Residents


Another meeting is scheduled on 


23 Jan. '09 

9.00 pm

Agenda includes rates per head, residents responds and feedback, etc.

Your presence is highly appreciated.

Sinaran Ukay Residence for a better standard of living

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BBQ Call for Participation





08.00pm – Pool Area

Dear Residents

Those who are interested to join the gathering as per day & time stated above, please register your name and unit no.      for confirmation .

Management off (Faz) : 4107 1294


Charges to be paid later and will be notified.

Charges for family of      

02 - 03 person  : RM40-00


04 – 06 person  : RM60-00


Single  : RM20-00

Child of age 07 years old and below is exempted.

Note : we also seek volunteers to organize the event.  

Next informal discussion will be held on the

23rd. Jan at 09.00pm - café.


Get  Together For Better Sinaran Ukay


The above message was posted by Krish of the Badan Pengurusan Kondominium Sinaran Ukay - BPKSU 

BBQ pre-meeting

Last Sunday a meeting was held among the residents (including representatives from JMC) with regards to the BBQ party planned in conjunction to this year's Chinese New Year Celebrations. 

Among other things discussed were the food & drinks, financials and supporting activities planned during the celebration. Long time resident Nazarudin has taken upon himself to be the Royal Executive Chef for the night volunteering to shop, marinate, prepare and cook for all residents with assistance from Azhar, Jamal, and Zam. 

Dadzie will be concocting the drinks for the night including other dishes like mee hoon etc.
For tit-bits Zam will be donating Keropok since MU is now top of the table. :-(

During the meeting, goreng pisang, kropok lekor and cucuk ubi was donated kindly by Nazarudin and Yam. (the only thing missing was Teh Tarik-  tercekek)

Tentatively, activities for the night will be Camping Nite out for the kids (and the young at heart) - courtesy of Nazarudin & Aziz,  big screen projection & sound system (Asri) and possibly even a karaoke by another resident (apologies name not known at the moment).

JMC president Krish and Committee member Dahili were present to support the needs of the event especially the use of the premises and facilities. Overall turn out by the residents was very encouraging indeed.

The official notice from JMC will be out soon, stay tuned for further development.

For those who were unable to make it for the meeting, no worries there will be another one very soon.

Attendance : Nazarudin, Dadzie, Jamal, Azhar, Zam, Krish, Dahili, Angah, Puan Nawal, Laila, Asri, Rosli, Zubir, Yam (apologies if your name's been left out)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Message from the JMB management

Please email your complaints and suggestions
Pertaining to wifi and other improvement we will look into if cost effective. We will revert back as soonest.

In regards to BBQ on the 7th feb. We agree its a good idea. Perhaps we shall discuss in person together with other residents who wish to volunteer.. may i suggest 18th sunday, january 2009 for discussion at cafe at 5pm.
If agreed so.. we will place notice at lift for others to attend .
thank you
on behalf of management.

Received the above message from the comments box this morning. Since it is for the interest of all residents, it is only appropriate to have it posted on the blog....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family trip of a Fellow Resident

The following is a memorable account by resident Aziz on his recent holiday trip up North with fellow resident Nasarudin. Kudos on your effort in sharing the experience with all of us.  Enjoy ! 

Family trip is one good way to enhance bonding between family members and neighbors. During the last December school holidays, Nazaruddin (Unit 4.12) and myself (Aziz 2.13) took our families to Penang and Cameron Highlands. I would like to share some of those moments with residents of Sinaran Ukay – may be next time, more residents could join in for similar family trips.

Meeting point R&R Rawang  (15/12/08)

Lunch at the famous Ipoh Nasi Kandar

Dinner at a Batu Ferringhi Food Court

The following day (16/12/2008) we have a great breakfast with Kueteow soup and mee udang at no other than Sifu Omar (ask Asri about this place)

Then another breakfast at Transfer Lane roti canai and special Penang toasted bread with eggs on top

No lunch for today as we had enough to last us the whole day ! Then we headed to Gurney Plaza for some shopping and stop by at Starbucks for a drink

After Gurney Plaza, we took a breather and drove back to our accommodation in Batu Ferringhi but not before we sampled the famous Laksa Penang along the way. That night, we took a drive down south to Batu Maung via the long and winding Balik Pulau road, where we had a very sumptuous dinner.

On Wednesday 17/12/2008, we checked out and proceeded to Cameron Highlands, but not before we had another Nasi Kandar lunch in Ipoh.  The drive to CH was via Simpang Pulai. We stopped at Green View for a drink and enjoyed the nice, cool air.

Then we checked in at a private bungalow

That afternoon, we felt like being British and had our English tea complete with scones at Bala’s Chalet

The weather was cold and we forgot to take dinner pictures at Tanah Rata. The food was good though. 

The following day (18/12/2008) we had our breakfast at the same place, after which we headed for home. Along the way we stopped at Lakeside to buy some vegetables and souvenirs.

All-in-all it’s a fun trip. 

Our Social Convenor may want to look at similar family trips if residents are receptive to the idea. It could be a picnic at Port Dickson, lunch in Bagan Lallang or weekend in Genting.


Aziz 2.13

Monday, January 12, 2009

Activities for 2009

Based on the mini poll conducted earlier last month here are basically the results. There were other additional suggestions but in summary, the type of events the majority would like to see are mostly Social Gatherings in the likes of 'makan-makan'. Top on the list are 'Garage Sale' and outdoor movies and we appeal to those who would like to be involved in organising this to come forward.

Question - 'Where do we go from here?' Do we need a protem committee, do we need a task force or do we just proceed as we go along. There are dedicated residents who will go ahead with plans that have been done annually. Hopefully with the proper communication channels in place we can this time have a bigger team support.

Here are other interesting ideas & suggestions that were brought forward by some resourceful residents.

1. Wi-Fi - connection around the cafe area. ( Management or residents to foot the bill not decided)

2. GRAFFITI WALL - Residents especially children are encouraged to participate in leaving their 'mark' as a form of saying 'I live or have lived' here in Sinaran Ukay. ( Tall wall below the management office)

3. VEGETABLE GARDEN - Encourage we plant vegetables like Serai, Pandan, Chili, kunyit etc. for simple basic needs. ( Plot near car wash).

4. MESSAGE BOARD - A dedicated message board to complement the Blog. (Near the Lift Entrance)

5. CAR POOL - Organise a car pool either for office or even for our school going children.

6. TAXI SERVICE - We have at the moment a resident Abang Shukri who is willing to provide the service at anytime you require.

7. CLASSES - We have among us residents who are Professional Dancers, IT experts, Designers etc. It would be good if they can dedicate some time to teach the residents. Back to school anyone ?

8. MERCHANDISE - A line of t-shirt, caps, stickers or anything related to Sinaran Ukay.

Finally, We need able bodied men and women to particpate and activate these noble and ambitious plans for the benefit of us residents of Sinaran Ukay.

Your contribution in whatever way small or big will be highly appreciated.

We will kick off this year with a BBQ on the 7th of February in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. This will hopefully provide us with a platform to discuss on the logistics and designated role for those who are able to contribute in the various activities mentioned.

Hoping to hear some responds from fellow residents... you can either leave your comments or email to

*credit mention to the following who have contributed ideas and committed to make it happen. • Din • Aziz • Angah • Dadzie • Jay • Asri • Azhar • Darif • Syed • apologies if names were unintentionaly omitted.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sir DUKE at your service

Today the Duta Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE) was officially opened to the public.

The 18km Expressway connects Taman Hillview Interchange on Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2 in Ulu Kelang to New Klang Valley Expressway's Jalan Duta Interchange.

Hopefully the opening of this new highway will help boost the value of our neighbourhood.

Try it! Its a six lane pleasant alternative route to cruise on.

For further reading please click the following link.

Stevie Wonder would be happy that they name the road after one of his songs.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barbeque anyone?

One of our socially active neighbours Din have written in to share with everyone his plan and hopes for the benefit of us all. Please leave your comments in responds to this wonderful idea.

Taken from Din's email.....

Dear all, my sincere appreciations to the few who has made a tremendous effort to update us with the situation in and around Sinaran Ukay Condo.  These information and updates secured through personal contact has made our life much easier since the tragic landslide, road closures and so forth.  Please keep it coming, big thanks.

Anyway a bit on a communal interest, I (maybe a few others too) would like to know the status of the followings:

a. Cleaning / treatment of the water tank that was decided and agreed upon in our last resident/tenant meeting.  I hope proper planning and notice are in the store so that we are prepared come the water disruption period.  

b. The clearing of construction waste container at block B, that is also serving as a waste dump.

On the social front it was a nice pot-luck gathering we had recently and many suggested a BBQ session would be a good idea.  After a small chat and suggestion, I am proposing a BBQ get-together as detailed:

a. Saturday, February 7 2008, starting at 7.30pm.
b. Poolside, Sinaran Ukay Condo.
c. RM60 per family of 3-5, RM30 for couples or couple with a child less than 5 years old and RM20 for single attandance. (what do you think, are the charges reasonable?)
d. Menu: chicken, lamb, steak, fried rice / bee hoon.
e. Pay our own drink at Sinaran Ukay Cafe. 
f. Bring your own plate and steak knife. 

This is just a simple proposal that I can think of to organise the BBQ as part of our effort to make time knowing each other while enjoying some bite.  Please confirm your interest by indicating your total paxs and payment can be made at the Management Office soonest or by Wednesday Feb 4 2009.  

Krishnan, do you think you can make arrangement to get the office assistance in the confirmation and the collection.  We also want the Management office to allow usage of extra chairs to cater for this event, unlike before.

As for the kids, hopefully someone can consider bringing tents for a camping night out.


Let us reflect back !

It is slightly over a month today, since the tragic landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa and I think it is worthwhile to reflect back on the incident especially when our fellow neighbour Patrick has taken the trouble to chronologically document it.

Wonderful work Patrick !

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Latest on Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa

Starting on the 7th of January 2009, Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa will be opened 'one way' for outgoing vehicles only. 

Incoming vehicles will still use the current Jalan Bukit Mewah 2 (with traffic lights) for another 2 more weeks.

Please relay to others. Once again thanks Jay for the latest information.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jln Bkt Antarabangsa to re-open

Important message from MPAJ

Laluan akan dibuka lewat sehari dua akibat cuaca dari tarikh 4 Januari.

Turapan tidak dapat dibuat semalam dan hari ini.


Sila edarkan pada jiran-jiran agar tidak hadapi kesulitan esok.

Polis Trafik akan tolong menjaga lalu lintas.

Many thanks again to Jay who seems to have very resourceful network. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oblivious to Black Monday

School re-opens in 2 days time.

While the parents are busy sorting out their children's schooling needs, these kids are having too much fun to even think about it. 

' Come rain or shine its our final fling to freedom till Monday that is...' quipped Naqib to Haiqal.


Life goes on in Sinaran Ukay....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fireworks, food & Happy people

Boom Bang, yummy & hahaha ............

Here are some more 09 New Year pot-luck pictures taken by young resident Dania Edina, a promising 14 year old photographer. Well done Miss Dania, keep up the good work.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good bye 2008 hello 2009

From home-made 'cucur', apple pecan , sweet desserts, spaghetti, satay, cakes, to ayamas, rojak mamak, bottled drinks, the food was abundant.

Residents started coming in as early as 8.00 pm. There were a few new faces and there were the regular ones. There were neighbours whom we got to know them only last night and who has been living here since 7 or 8 years ago. Talking about 'Love thy neighbour'.

In total, there were more than a dozen families who had a jolly good time eating, chatting and getting to know each other better and we hope that there will be more of such gatherings in future.

It was an encouraging start and already they were talking about the next gathering. Maybe a barbecue with a whole mouth watering grilled lamb on the stakes.

Any suggestions when?

All in the family from adik, kakak, maids, etc were there

While the kids went up to the roof top to witness the fireworks display, the veterans were catching it live over the big screen.

Syed explaining something interesting

This must be the New Year Sms you get to reply.

Din, Aziz, and Syed engrosssed in Jay's goreng. (probably about the landslide)

Perut kenyang hati senang

Girl Talk

Many Thanks to those who has given their support and contributed in their very own way. The night ended at about 3.30 am.

It was a good start and we hope others do care to join in the next gathering . Till we all meet again, 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'

Special mention to the following without which we would not have a successful 'pot-luck'

Nazarudin - Yam & family
Aziz - Zeila & family
Rosli - Siti & family
Zubir - Liza & family
Jafri - Ayang (heard you call her)
Yazid & Family
Darif & Family
Dadzie ( for the hot drinks that you did not charge)
Syed (special guest from Impian Selatan)
Ibrahim (who came all the way to help)
Asri & family

Would like to include all the names of those who attended and have been unintentionally left out. If you want include your unit no. too. tks