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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BBQ pre-meeting

Last Sunday a meeting was held among the residents (including representatives from JMC) with regards to the BBQ party planned in conjunction to this year's Chinese New Year Celebrations. 

Among other things discussed were the food & drinks, financials and supporting activities planned during the celebration. Long time resident Nazarudin has taken upon himself to be the Royal Executive Chef for the night volunteering to shop, marinate, prepare and cook for all residents with assistance from Azhar, Jamal, and Zam. 

Dadzie will be concocting the drinks for the night including other dishes like mee hoon etc.
For tit-bits Zam will be donating Keropok since MU is now top of the table. :-(

During the meeting, goreng pisang, kropok lekor and cucuk ubi was donated kindly by Nazarudin and Yam. (the only thing missing was Teh Tarik-  tercekek)

Tentatively, activities for the night will be Camping Nite out for the kids (and the young at heart) - courtesy of Nazarudin & Aziz,  big screen projection & sound system (Asri) and possibly even a karaoke by another resident (apologies name not known at the moment).

JMC president Krish and Committee member Dahili were present to support the needs of the event especially the use of the premises and facilities. Overall turn out by the residents was very encouraging indeed.

The official notice from JMC will be out soon, stay tuned for further development.

For those who were unable to make it for the meeting, no worries there will be another one very soon.

Attendance : Nazarudin, Dadzie, Jamal, Azhar, Zam, Krish, Dahili, Angah, Puan Nawal, Laila, Asri, Rosli, Zubir, Yam (apologies if your name's been left out)


  1. I think our friend's name is Nazarudin NOT Nasarudin.

  2. While we are on the subject of name, my name is Dahili not Dalili. And I am not the "Bendahari" just an ordinary committee member. I am sure no offence was intended and none taken. Look forward to a successful BBQ.

  3. None at all. It clearly goes to show that we are in the process of getting to know our neighbours better. Getting there. Many thanks and apologies to Naza and Dahili. Will rectify the typo error immediately.