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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barbeque anyone?

One of our socially active neighbours Din have written in to share with everyone his plan and hopes for the benefit of us all. Please leave your comments in responds to this wonderful idea.

Taken from Din's email.....

Dear all, my sincere appreciations to the few who has made a tremendous effort to update us with the situation in and around Sinaran Ukay Condo.  These information and updates secured through personal contact has made our life much easier since the tragic landslide, road closures and so forth.  Please keep it coming, big thanks.

Anyway a bit on a communal interest, I (maybe a few others too) would like to know the status of the followings:

a. Cleaning / treatment of the water tank that was decided and agreed upon in our last resident/tenant meeting.  I hope proper planning and notice are in the store so that we are prepared come the water disruption period.  

b. The clearing of construction waste container at block B, that is also serving as a waste dump.

On the social front it was a nice pot-luck gathering we had recently and many suggested a BBQ session would be a good idea.  After a small chat and suggestion, I am proposing a BBQ get-together as detailed:

a. Saturday, February 7 2008, starting at 7.30pm.
b. Poolside, Sinaran Ukay Condo.
c. RM60 per family of 3-5, RM30 for couples or couple with a child less than 5 years old and RM20 for single attandance. (what do you think, are the charges reasonable?)
d. Menu: chicken, lamb, steak, fried rice / bee hoon.
e. Pay our own drink at Sinaran Ukay Cafe. 
f. Bring your own plate and steak knife. 

This is just a simple proposal that I can think of to organise the BBQ as part of our effort to make time knowing each other while enjoying some bite.  Please confirm your interest by indicating your total paxs and payment can be made at the Management Office soonest or by Wednesday Feb 4 2009.  

Krishnan, do you think you can make arrangement to get the office assistance in the confirmation and the collection.  We also want the Management office to allow usage of extra chairs to cater for this event, unlike before.

As for the kids, hopefully someone can consider bringing tents for a camping night out.



  1. Congratulation to Nazaruddin for putting what we discussed the last time to action. We need action and not just talk....he...he.. Anyway, I fully support this BBQ proposal, its not just the "makan" part but more of gathering to know each other better.

    Aziz 2.13

  2. Aduh. Kena lah tu...

    Anyway, Krish had suggested that we should include kids events from our neighboring Tamans; TBU1 & TBU2, etc. Hopefully, this will bring some interactions with our neighbours at the Tamans; not necessary just our Condo saje.

    So,... what say you.


  3. My wife had authorized my participation for the BBQ. The following conditions apply:

    - She MUST be with me;
    - Provided I had recovered from my cough;
    - The Kambing MUST be a male; at least big as suggested by Abang Darif during our last gathering - kena bela dulu sampai sedang sedap;
    - My mother doesn't request me to balik kampong for the CHAP GOH MEH; and
    - Asri does not give me a hard time.

    Disclaimer: My wife is not aware of this message; as she is watching TV.


  4. Jay, Lu men kiah. I wont give you a hard time if you can find a kambing that is juicy, tender, and meaty. (sounds like Darif)

  5. Our Neighbouring Tamans are most welcomed.

    As long as someone can finalise their head-count for catering purposes.

    Any volunteers?

  6. Thank you dmystify... waiting for Darif to see sudah tangkap kambing gemuk ke.

    On the neighbouring Tamans, if our next programme might be a bit too soon, maybe we can arrange for the next programme/activity. Would be good to hear from more residents.


  7. Guys, if I am not mistaken, no "kambing" is involved here. Nazaruddin will arrange for all the juicy lambs, beef and chicken, and trust me, he knows what he's doing when it comes to BBQ. What we need to do is pay for our share and help grill the meat that we wish to eat. Its that simple. For drinks, we can bring our own (BYO) or just buy from the poolside cafe'.


  8. But of course brudder, ini kan kambing dok melawak! Make no mistake they don't call Din the BBQ king for nothing :-) Aiyo got to watch the cholesterol level.


  9. Aiii ... super slim macam you pun takut cholesterol ?

    Heeeeeeee hehe