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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good bye 2008 hello 2009

From home-made 'cucur', apple pecan , sweet desserts, spaghetti, satay, cakes, to ayamas, rojak mamak, bottled drinks, the food was abundant.

Residents started coming in as early as 8.00 pm. There were a few new faces and there were the regular ones. There were neighbours whom we got to know them only last night and who has been living here since 7 or 8 years ago. Talking about 'Love thy neighbour'.

In total, there were more than a dozen families who had a jolly good time eating, chatting and getting to know each other better and we hope that there will be more of such gatherings in future.

It was an encouraging start and already they were talking about the next gathering. Maybe a barbecue with a whole mouth watering grilled lamb on the stakes.

Any suggestions when?

All in the family from adik, kakak, maids, etc were there

While the kids went up to the roof top to witness the fireworks display, the veterans were catching it live over the big screen.

Syed explaining something interesting

This must be the New Year Sms you get to reply.

Din, Aziz, and Syed engrosssed in Jay's goreng. (probably about the landslide)

Perut kenyang hati senang

Girl Talk

Many Thanks to those who has given their support and contributed in their very own way. The night ended at about 3.30 am.

It was a good start and we hope others do care to join in the next gathering . Till we all meet again, 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'

Special mention to the following without which we would not have a successful 'pot-luck'

Nazarudin - Yam & family
Aziz - Zeila & family
Rosli - Siti & family
Zubir - Liza & family
Jafri - Ayang (heard you call her)
Yazid & Family
Darif & Family
Dadzie ( for the hot drinks that you did not charge)
Syed (special guest from Impian Selatan)
Ibrahim (who came all the way to help)
Asri & family

Would like to include all the names of those who attended and have been unintentionally left out. If you want include your unit no. too. tks


  1. it was a good start for the unity of residents and hope future participation will increse..epy newyear! ps:jd ke buat upacara panggang kambing on the 10? kalu jd, kena suruh krisnan tambah lg bbq pit cpat sikit ni..hehehehe

  2. Harap semua bolih dapat join in the next pot luck...

    Emmmmmm... sedap.



  4. As'salamualaikum and hi folks.. finally dapat join you guys, it was nice tho :) Neway..juz checking :D and looking forward for the next gath. Oh ye, perhaps next time kalau ada gath..kena tampal kat lift la kot hehe..coz ramai gak yg tak tau :D btw, am Liza..Zubir's wife :)