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Saturday, January 24, 2009

BBQ finalising meeting

Last night we had a meeting on the above, and found out that responds from confirmed participants were overwhelming. 
Food, games, kids activities were among other things discussed. 
Watch out for this space as we will update the latest very soon once we finalised some matters.

Nazarudin, Dahili, Azhar, Lan, Dadzie, Krish, Asri, Jamal and Yazid were present to fulfilled a quorum. 

An unexpected visitor popped in or rather popped out of the aquarium to join the meeting. Eventually Mr. Prawn was ushered back into his home complete with snapping claws with Mr Cat looking anxiously from a distance.

The meeting ended at 3 am with of course on a totally different topic. At that time there were 5 of us left laughing away through the night, no thanks to Azhar's hilarious antics.


  1. Could somebody post decision made and/or matters of interest to residents discussed at the meeting e.g. payment for BBQ. Thank you.

  2. Krish you better hurry up posting the minutes of our meeting as you can see there are already anxious residents who can't wait to participate in our BBQ.

  3. Would like to wish all residents a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR.

    May all be bless with good fortune and health.