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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BBQ announcement


Date  :  07TH FEBRUARY 2009  

Time: 08.00pm – Pool Area 

Dear Residents

We thank , all those who have confirmed their participation. Thus far we have 40 confirmed residents. We hope to see more to join in. Please pay your contribution at the office or at café before 01st , February 2009. 

Management off  : 

Fazlina   4107 1294   1000 – 1600 hours

Café – Dadzie             2000 – 2200 hours

Charges for Single person     : RM20-00 

Additional person  : RM10-00 per head

Child of age 07 years old and below is exempted.

Planned  Activities : Karaoke for adult   and for children – camp out at pool area, DVD Show, Colouring & treasure hunt.

Note : we also seek volunteers to organize the event.  

Next informal discussion will be held on the 31st. Jan at 08.30pm - café. 

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  1. Great ! I have paid RM60 for my family of 5 to Fazlina today. Looking forward to meeting all of you guys. I am sure it will be a fun event. Unfortunately I would not be able to attend this weekend's meeting as I will be away.

    Aziz 2.13

  2. hai please us know, when u guys need help for BBQ event...

  3. Aziz, even though you wont be around for todays meeting, we know you are one of the moving forces in this coming event.

    Abeje, thanks for the offer, we will need all the help that can get, but being there is good enough already.

  4. Treasure Hunt CommitteeFebruary 3, 2009 at 9:28 AM

    To BBQ Main Committee,

    As requested here is the brief on the kids treasure hunt :

    - Simple short hunt for kids of 8-14 years of age or kids who are new to treasure hunting.
    - This hunt involves clues placed at several locations, and when a clue is found it somehow tells the kids where to go next for their next clue.
    - The route of the hunt is safe as kids are not required to take the lifts or the staircase.
    - No map will be given out. Each clue will simply tells the kids where to go next.
    - No map as young kids often have trouble interpreting directions, so even a very clear map can be troublesome/confusing for them.
    - The directions on the clue card are very clear and signage is fairly visible.
    - There will be enough clue cards and treasures for everybody.
    - The hunt will end up where the kids started.

    - 8 – 14 years old.
    - 2 members to a team.
    - Combined age of team members must not exceed 25 years.

    - To solve the riddles and find the hidden treasures.
    - Hunt is limited by time so the first team to find all the treasures and solve all the riddles correctly will be the winner.
    - Parents are not allowed to follow the hunters.
    - However, the kids are allowed to seek advice/guidance from their parents.

    - The kids will be briefed further on event day at the starting point.
    - Every hunter will get a goody bag at the end of the hunting.
    - Kids Treasure Hunt Committee will absorb cost of preparing the clues (for 12 teams), signage, treasures and goody bags (24 bags).
    - The BBQ Main Committee will just have to prepare 3 main prizes.

    Kids Treasure Hunt Committee :
    - Fazu 7-10
    - Ayu 3-15
    - Norli 3-10
    - Nornatasha 3-10

    Please feel free to give comments/feedbacks to us.