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Monday, April 9, 2012

Monthly maintenance Fee

The biggest challenge faced by the new Joint Management Committee is -
Collection for the Monthly Service Fee from each and every resident of this condominium.

It is estimated that only 25% of residents are committed to make prompt payment for their monthly Service fee. The substantial amount which is long overdue is beginning to take its toll with the monthly cost in running this condominium far exceeded the amount collected. Even basic amenities like water and waste management services are incurring debts which may one day run the risk of being terminated or temporary disrupted until payments are duly made.

It is the hope of every service paying residents, be able to enjoy whatever that is worth in a condo-living lifestyle, all its conveniences and facilities being served right at your very own doorstep.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with Sinaran Ukay Residence.

The condominium itself is already more than a decade old, and with it comes wear and tear. From the lifts to the fireman's hose and even to the roofing and ceiling structure of the building, all requires upgrading, repair or even total replacement.

All of these long overdue rectification requires money. Now the question is where is it going to come from.

There are residents who themselves are owners and are committed to their monthly dues and there are residents who are merely tenants.

Landlords who are renting to tenants may or may not include the service fee in their monthly rental charges. They may not impose the service fee due to the fear of not making a 'worthwhile' proposition to their prospects. Unfortunately they themselves do not pay the service fee as their monthly payment to the banks are much higher than their rental yield.

There are of course tenants or even owners who simply do not pay their monthly service fee due to a zillion and one reasons.

So what comes next…..

Education, Persuasion or simply Legal Action?

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