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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Meeting with COB

Hope there is a solution in sight .

Signs of Neglect

Due to the conflict faced by the JMC, the residents are beginning to see the early signs of neglect. Is this the price the residents have to pay for the issues that seem to remain unresolved ?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ops Lalang dik oi Lalang

* lokasi sebenar - gaung di sudut tepi tempat basuh kereta

Pokok Lalang merupakan sejenis tumbuhan yang terdapat di hutan Malaysia. Pokok ini juga terdapat di negara-negara tropika dan kawasan serdahana lain termasuk ASEAN. Nama botani pokok Keladan adalah Imperata cylindrica.

Lalang merupakan sejenis tumbuhan yang dianggap rumpai. Lalang mudah membiak melalui benih yang ditiup angin, melalui keratan rozobium atau akarnya.

Bagaimanapun lalang mempunyai kepentingan tertentu. Lalang merupakan sejenis pokok perintis yang akan mengkoloni tanah yang diterangkan dari pokok lain dengan pantas. Ini membantu kerana hakisan tanah akan terhalang. Tanah dan galian yang terdedah akibat kehilangan tumbuhan penutup bumi yang asal dapat dikekalkan oleh lalang yang menghalang hujan lebat menghanyutkan ia ketempat lain.

Dengan itu lalang dapat membantu mengurangkan hakisan tanah dan pada masa yang sama lalang membantu mengekalkan kesuburan tanah.

Mungkin sebab itu lah lalang-lalang di Sinaran Ukay tak di potong.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Voice of the silent majority

Have you ever wonder when will this JMB conflict is going to end?

Is there a solution in sight. How is this effecting our lives, our homes our community ?

Do we just wait and see who is mightier than the other?

Is there any true effort for a truce, a reconciliation, a realisation for a vision of living together in harmony.

For just one minute, leave our ego, selfishness and arrogance behind and look deep into ourselves and ask .....

'Do we want to live like this forever?'

Give PEACE a chance !

Sinaran Ukay Residence
for a better standard of living

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Common sense prevail

The condition of the swimming pool took a turn for the worst after it was being drained and refilled ever since it was 'repaired' a couple of weeks ago. Green algae, murky water and croaking toads made it almost impossible for anyone to go for a swim unless he is closely related to the species called 'buaya'.

Out of the three filtering pumps, one was at least working before the repair and unfortunately none is working now. Even the underwater lights were not fixed for whatever the reason.

In conclusion, what was claimed to be a rectification exercise became a controversial one.

However, amidst all these hardships and inconveniences, there is still a flicker of hope among some good level headed residents of our beloved Sinaran Ukay.

Here is the story from one resident ....

Last Saturday at their normal get-together-breakfast a few residents felt sorry at the state of the pool and the need to do something about it.

They conducted a simple investigation to identify the problem (many has enough knowledge into maintenance and M & E works) and discovered there is no power to the pump.

Understanding a long holiday is in prospect this few residents decided to pass the hat around to purchase certain type of wires to enable for a rewiring for the pool to be in running state for the moment/holidays.

Yesterday, Wednesday 10/2/2010 with the help of Mansor, Yazid, Azahar, Jamal and a couple other residents got at least 1 pump started and running.

All was done at NO CHARGE to JMB, perhaps a couple of invitation to our periodical BBQ later *.

Good neighboring and truly concern resident will stop at nothing to ensure living quality of Sinaran Ukay Condo.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Message from the JMB Chairman

Dear Committee Members and Residents

What the residents are asking is a very simple thing to fulfill yet it seems so difficult.

First lets set a date within this week by thursday night to discuss the current issue without any kind of resentment and open mind. Since all us are true believers of GOD ..why we have to behave like enemies to one another. Lets find some good solution to reconcile and management the building accordingly.

The main issue is not the committee members. Just the total residents are not able to accept the manner and conduct of our friend Raymond and his wife. So what is the big deal to sustain them in their position. Being a voluntary why there were suggestion pay a salary to chang lin san. did we force her to sit at office by any means. or did we force raymond to take control anything. Do you realise that security guys and few contractors are not too happy with the current way of managing same goes to the residents.

Have we appointed any person in proper manner since the new committee took over. Even any person being appointed as office bearer shall require their full details like full name and NRIC to be stated clearly and their duties and responsibilities fixed. None is done yet some claims to be office bearers on the their own accord. Worst trying to exude full power as if they are beyond any control and regulations.

Being a JMB representative for the residents, what are your fighting for, other then making good Sinaran Ukay and maintain harmony. Why have to form rules which is not practical for Sinaran like limited hours for visitors. It applies to be considered if the parking is over congested. Forming a rule must be pragmatic not simply to show who is in control or merely to develop hatred.

Well there are many talks saying that previous management and committee did not do good. Well fine if that is the perception. But trying to claim handyman's salary which has not been official appointed through petty also unethical. As new committee and management with keen interest to reduce service charge too has not been addressed properly till today. WHY? I have previously suggested to allow discount of 20% on current charge as inducement for prompt payment and run the management with reduced budget. If it works for a year than, we can set it fised for the following years to come. Why hasty decision. Its easy for people to seeking reduction but for the management and the committee is the head ache as if we own the building and shall be answerable to residents all the time. So the best to go along with what majority wants amicably and guide people to follows rules from year to year as form of rehabilition.

I heard that COBARA advised the repair of swimming pool, but as far i spoken to CObara chairman- Sharul and Eriko the coordinator, no such advised was given to Sinaran Ukay. But i have repaired the tiles before due to soil sinking.. if you have reason to do so, you do and annouce before you carry out or seek suggestion as much possible to safe guard your self. Any good intention may go wrong if done improperly.

The over all goal that the new committee should hold on is to the make good and improve the situation by appointing third parties who could take order and show respect to all members as Buidling Manager, Clerk, Handyman and Electrician. Should show that you walk the talk without any conflict of interest and transparency to highest regards. I used invite members who are not committee or even if they tenants before and conduct residents meeting at least 2 -3 months once. But since the new committee, no residents meeting is held except the one i conduct without JMC present. What are your trying to prove and how long or how many more years you will be a committee member.

One of the suggestion for security control to add in, We could repair the barrier gate and activate the access card. This way we know residents with card will enter and those going out will have the security to open for them. This will reduce outsiders driving in freely. Parking chargers for extra cars could be carried out for extra cars if the matter adressed properly for minimal chargers for start and shall be explained through meetings not by email and simple circulars. The right approach is important. Many more things could be achieved amicably if brought to total discussion. Instead of few JMC members deciding as they feel right.

Personally, me and tuty has no intention to run the management and for me not desperate to be a chairman, even during the previous AGM i asked to leave out. You may ask to remove my signature or tender my resignation, is not a issue to me. Since many are speaking about GOD.. GOD will judge us accordingly.

Avoid all this silly bickering and get to reconcile with good faith and open heart. Appoint outsiders or person who could take charge as what people want to do and run according to proper guidelines.


THURSDAY 11th FEB AT 9:00pm.

Lets reconcile and make good with sincere thoughts.



Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Tree felling, but this time by Act of God.

circulated as per request

** Tuty, appreciate it if you could circulate this.


Heavy rain this afternoon between 1230 - 1530 hrs (about this hours) at our area which affected one of the tree (big branches) behind the Club House (mangement office) fell caused by strong wind I supposed as I didn't hear any thunder. The tree has damaged the fence and also the water pipe.

Please see the pictures I took about 1600 hrs after informing by Security Guard.

One of the Cleaner has moved and chopped off some smaller branches before I was informed.
I am afraid that I am not able to make a decision to request anyone to action as I might offend our dear Residents who loves trees more than their safety! And claim to have purchased the units here because of the two big trees that we have removed in view of the safety measure which majority are aware of.


Since Puan Tuty and Mr Krishnan so eager to take over the Management Office without proper procedure by changing the pad lock on 02/02/10 almost midnight when you know that me and Nurul is away.

And there is nothing that we can do now for this accident that happen at our vasinity.
Therefore, Puan Tuty & Mr Krishnan, appreciate your immediate action to settle this incident.

Thanks & regards,


Thursday, February 4, 2010


3 Februari 2010

Pesuruhjaya Bangunan

Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya



Ybhg. Tuan.


Untuk makluman pihak Tuan, sejak kebelakangan ini kebanyakan penghuni di Sinaran Ukay Kondo berasa amat tidak selesa dengan cara dan tindak tanduk Badan Pengurusan di Kondo ini, yang diterajui oleh seorang saudara tertentu. Oleh yang demikian, kami ingin memanjangkan rintihan dan bantahan penghuni kondo kami kepada pihak Tuan untuk siasatan dan tindakan yang sewajarnya.

Antara isu yang menjadi rungutan penghuni adalah sapertimana berikut :

1. Pengurusan yang sudah tersasar dari tujuan asal iaitu menyediakan kemudahan, perlindungan dan memastikan keselesaan serta keharmonian penduduk.

2. Beberapa ahli jawatankuasa didapati dengan sengaja bersekongkol dengan individu yang tidak berkelayakan dalam Pengurusan Bangunan.

3. Pihak pengurusan dan kakitangan yang dilantik untuk menguruskan kondo ini telah dilantik dengan cara yang tidak mengikut peraturan yang sepatutnya.

4.Pengurusan langsung tidak mengambil kira pandangan penduduk apabila melaksanakan perkara-perkara isu bersama seperti landskap, penyelenggaraan, tempat letak kereta, sekuriti dan lain-lain.

5. Sebilangan ahli pengurusan menyalahguna kuasa untuk kepentingan peribadi.

6. Terdapat keraguan mengenai cara kutipan yuran maintenance dilakukan. Didapati wang tunai yang dibayar oleh penduduk ditukar dengan cek persendirian salah seorang ahli jawatankuasa tersebut sebelum di masukkan ke dalam bank JMB.

7. Keraguan-keraguan ini telah menyebabkan pengurusan juga gagal mengutip yuran bulanan sehingga ke tahap kritikal iaitu pada kadar kurang 20%.

8. Pengurusan dengan secara sedar telah membiarkan keadaan penduduk di kedudukan berhutang supaya apabila berlaku mesyuarat agung luar biasa, majoriti akan lupus hak untuk mengundi atau dicalon sebagai ahli jawatankuasa.

9. Pengurusan bersikap bongkak dengan meneruskan projek pemotongan pokok walaupun telah dibantah dengan keras oleh sebahagian penduduk. Perlantikan kontraktor terbabit juga disangsi ketelusannya.

10. Pengurusan telah gagal dan engkar menjalankan perbelanjaan berhemat seperti yang telah dipersetujui ketika mesyuarat agung. Pengurusan telah berbelanja untuk perkara yang kurang prioritinya pada waktu tunai di bank berada di tahap kritikal.

11. Pengurusan gagal melaksanakan perancangan awal untuk mengutip hutang tertunggak yang menjangkau nilai hampir RM2 juta.

12. Pengurusan tidak menguruskan pejabat secara professional, dan dilihat oleh penduduk seolah-olah menjalankan perniagaan keluarga. (contoh: tidak berpakaian formal, waktu pejabat dibuka dan ditutup tidak menentu.)


1. Memanggil Mesyuarat Agung Luar Biasa secepat mungkin untuk menilai semula jawatankuasa yang ada atau memungkinkan perlantikan baru dibuat.

2. Membuat rumusan mengenai kuasa atau hak jawatankuasa dan merangka prosidur supaya pengurusan operasi dan kewangan lebih telus.

3. Menghalang Ahli jawatankuasa dan pengurusan JMB sekarang daripada memasuki pejabat sehingga mesyuarat agung luar biasa dijalankan untuk membetulkan keadaan.

4. Memeriksa akaun bank, inbois bayaran, perlantikan kontraktor dan lain lain

Melalui petisyen ini penduduk memohon campurtangan C.O.B . untuk menguraikan kekusutan yang dihadapi oleh penduduk Sinaran Ukay Residence. Dengan tandatangan yang telah dikumpul seperti di lampiran sokongan penduduk, maka penduduk Sinaran Ukay telah bersuara.

Kami juga sertakan disini sebahagian daripada rungutan penduduk yang diutarakan didalam blog dan email.

Sekian terima kasih.


Di minta kerjasama semua penduduk untuk hadir ke Cafeteria Sinaran UKay Condo pada hari Ahad 7hb Februari 2010 jam 10.30 pagi. Ini bertujuan untuk menandatangani surat petisyen yang akan dihantar kepada pihak C.O.B (Comissioner of Building).

Dengan keprihatinan dan kerjasama semua penduduk, pihak C.O.B akan menjalankan siasatan terhadap sebarang masalah yang terdapat di dalam Sinaran Ukay Kondominium untuk kebaikan penduduk semua.