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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Tree felling, but this time by Act of God.

circulated as per request

** Tuty, appreciate it if you could circulate this.


Heavy rain this afternoon between 1230 - 1530 hrs (about this hours) at our area which affected one of the tree (big branches) behind the Club House (mangement office) fell caused by strong wind I supposed as I didn't hear any thunder. The tree has damaged the fence and also the water pipe.

Please see the pictures I took about 1600 hrs after informing by Security Guard.

One of the Cleaner has moved and chopped off some smaller branches before I was informed.
I am afraid that I am not able to make a decision to request anyone to action as I might offend our dear Residents who loves trees more than their safety! And claim to have purchased the units here because of the two big trees that we have removed in view of the safety measure which majority are aware of.


Since Puan Tuty and Mr Krishnan so eager to take over the Management Office without proper procedure by changing the pad lock on 02/02/10 almost midnight when you know that me and Nurul is away.

And there is nothing that we can do now for this accident that happen at our vasinity.
Therefore, Puan Tuty & Mr Krishnan, appreciate your immediate action to settle this incident.

Thanks & regards,



  1. Sabrina,

    Thanks for your info.. N not too worry, we'll take the necessary action. Please don't be so disrespectful towards other fellow residents just because of their sincere comments.. anyway this is a free country.. Just remember that we are living in the same gated area.. Not sure which safety your implying to cut off the tree, coz as for me DISCUSSION SHOULD COME FIRST BEFORE ACTION!! I thought we agreed on this before.. Rite!!

    FYI.. U guys never care to asked for others opinion regarding draining out the pool and also chopping of the tree.. SO IT'S A VICE VERSA.. Since when do you care or know whether other resident is around or not!! U just do whatever you may pleased.. What goes around comes around!!

    We're not eager to take charged of the office.. JUST TO ENSURE THAT RAYMOND IS OUT OF IT!! Don't tell me that you're not aware of the "bad collection" since he took over??? What does it mean to you??? Good service??

    I don't care who take charged of the office as long as the said person is sincere, honest n most important "DO NOT HAVE AN ATTITUDE!!" towards other residents including me!!

    Again thank you for reply.. it show how much you care for others!!!


  2. Wake Up people, the branches fell because this is the 'sign of anger from the Almighty ' for chopping off 2 his beloved trees.

  3. Puan Sabrina (and other fellow residents),

    At least we are communicating now.., that is a progress. However it would be more helpful for both sides if we are a little more tactful in our language.. nothing good will come if we are in a defensive position all the time.

    About the tree, I am one of the fellow that is saddened by the tree cutting. But that is not the whole point, the main point is communications.. we are living together here and we should communicate and gather feedback before making decisions that will affect other residents.

    Some residents do not agree of the tree cutting, cutting the tree is a big decision because the tree wont grow back anytime soon. Therefore don't you think it is wiser if the management had asked our opinion first?

    All I see is a notice that the tree will be cut, that's it. Despite strong opposition by some residents the management decided to go ahead and cut it anyway. So what is the point of asking for feedback only to ignore it?

    Perhaps we should do a proper feedback gathering first before doing anything major, if need be maybe we will need to do a little voting (who knows?).

    Gather everyone on Sunday and vote, I don't think that will be very hard to do.

  4. Based on at least 2 landscape experts I came to understand that the problem with roots can easily be overcomed by simply trimming them.

    It is not necessary to 'chop off' the whole tree.

    Bak pepatah melayu ' Marahkan Nyamuk Kelambu dibakar'

    Bak pepatah orang putih - If you don't know, ask !

  5. dear commentators - all of you are simply the best. when i'm down, i can count on your witty comments to make me laugh my heart out.

    and to raymond and the gang - thank you for being a source of laughingstock to the residents - all of you are also very talented!

    bee jay
    level 6

  6. I think it's very hard to gather people on Sunday to vote. There is other way the JMB can reach out to the residents i.e. via email or this blog.
    If we can use these 2 mediums to hentam each other, I don't see why the JMB can't use these 2 mediums to get consensus from the residents.
    Actually it's not that they (JMB) CAN'T, they simply DON'T WANT!!