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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Note from the BBQ Captain

Many thanks for all the kind words for the resident's gathering held recently.  I am sure that such event will be planned very soon and hoping a bigger turnout, in our ultimate hope to bring all the SUK Residents together for a good evening of food and laughter while enhancing our neighbourly friendship.  

On the more serious front I hope the management can update us with the Cleaning of The Water Tank Program.  I think the water quality is getting very bad and we have made the appropriate decision collectively at the last Resident's meeting.

Krish, please let us know the situation and the tank rectification plan before someone fall sick.

We have to move. 

Many thanks



  1. Thank you, Nazarudin, for organising the successful BBQ event. You propose and acted on it, that's the way to go.

    As you rightly said, we need to act on other proposals quickly so that life at SUK will be more meaningful and rewarding, after all its our place. Let's keep the momentum going.

  2. we hope also for the new water tank program...can i say that...pls mr management..

  3. I notice lately that the cafe likes to turn the volume of its TV full blast. Please be considerate to fellow residents. It's just overly loud and it extends till late night when ppl want to go to bed. I can clearly hear the sound of the tv from my unit on the top floors.. Imagine those lower floors units. Hope the JMB could advise the cafe operator abt this issue. We used to enjoy peacefulness & quiteness before.. but not anymore.

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  5. Notice posted on cleaning of water tank. Good job, Krish and management. We are definitely going in the right direction, what we propose and agree, we act on it. Well done.

  6. to anonymous above pls .... show your i.d....:d

  7. hi, m a resident in G11. found this blog on the notice board@ cafe. my husband's moved in last Sept and i followed in Jan right after our wedding!

    Just would like to say that i love the neighbourhood in SUK!! we did the bbq once at the cafe for my in-laws but other than that my husband & i tak pernah lepaq situ just to chill. Selalu jugak tengok some of d residents buat bbq/chill at the cafe after work and so on but segan nak join cos obviously we didnt know anyone around :(

    Nway, no worries on that. I will keep reading this blog just to keep us update on any of the condo's movement/development ie water tank etc!

    z | one