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Friday, March 27, 2009

Announcement from BPKSU

Annnouncement to be posted  on  BLOG
1.  Streamyx already installed but there willl be a delay for wifi connection . as soonest its activated will be notified.
2.  Bio carbon Multi media filter to improve water quality is underway. This will be installed at JBA source or inlet to filter water before being supplied to collection tank.
3. Roof improvement work for club house and residence building  will carried before Building Painting work
If the collection of old debts were to be recovered to certain extent within 2-3 months. This depends on available fund. The colour of the Roof will be in Maroon or Dark Brown to conceal rust marks if any in future.
4. Parking shade  and road resurface will be carried out in stages.
Other annoucements :-
1. Yoga class is conducted at squash court every tuesday morning 9am for a fee.
2. Swimming class to be conducted by Atlantis Pool for a feee, opento residence and outsiders. Monday , Wednesday, Friday and Saturday : 5:00pm to 7:00pm , sunday 9:00am to 7:00pm. Fee - Junior class RM250-00, Senior class  RM280-00 and registration RM50-00.
The activity organisers will contribute some token of income to building fund accordingly.
Any one with other activities may propose as we could keep the area lively. This will attract more people to stay or make known of Sinaran Ukay.


  1. Wonderful effort at last we are moving, hope we can monitor the follow ups. With regards to activities, my concern is when we open it to outsiders. I know you need critical mass to make the efforts worthwhile but priority should always be to security. Can we ensure that we have an efficient method of monitoring outsiders from using our small pool.
    Monitoring outsiders using the wifi. Monitoring outsiders from coming in and out, motorcyclist, dogs etc... Sorry I am just being a devil's advocate.

  2. Those outsiders will be required to register and updated on monthly basis, since they have to pay a fee to participate. Since its not a free entry therefore a registration will be required.

    Motorcyclist and various other nuisance caused by youngster in previous are the friends and patrons of Cafe owner. I believe everyone have some form of responsibility to monitor and advocate fellow friends and neighbours to corporate and to ensure harmony within the Condo. Everything should not be left solely on security and management alone.

    All forms of constructive and proactive approach with holistic manner will earn better environment.

    To add on, many residents seems to be negative in understanding being a high rise dwellers. Lacking civic values and 3rd class mentality highly prevalent.

    Nevertheless, having a group of clear conscious residents like most bloggers do, we can vindicate the negative element in stages.

    The turn good the rotten situation over the years, will definitely require alot of support, patience and time.


  3. krish,
    your guards seems to be very strict with the residents' children who are just having some quality time with their friends during the weekend. they're scolded even when they're kicking a ball or having fun in the pool. come on bro, this is our home - not a monk temple or a nun hostel.

    second thing - we have done our own survey on missing clothings - there are more than 5 incidents where we have lost our things from the drying area. one even called you to complaint and you told her that it's her fault for drying her clothes outside. please don't be so arrogant with the way you respond to the residents. you are the residents' rep so with your behaviour, we are wondering why? you should listen to our grouses and take the issues to be discussed with the management - not a judge who serve verdict without discussing with anybody.

    - unhappy mothers (with brains) but not desperate housewives -

  4. Wow, this blog is on fire mannnn....

    Somebody call 994 plssss.

  5. dear all JMB body....please arrange the JMB meeting with all residents and to table all problems, ideas to solve and many things....PLEASE DONT LET US DOWN...we need to know more detail from inside and outside ...what you proposed further....

    p l e a s e s i r....

  6. for wifi i suggst mgmnt to on 24hrs