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SURe contacts
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


In line with our objective to make sinaran ukay a better place to come home to, we would like to call upon all residence (tenants and owners) be mindful of the news that has been circulated about the various issues related to the running of our beloved condominium.

All we need to do is practise an open mind and objectively look into all available information and evidence, before we make decisions that may otherwise challenge the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that we have enjoyed since the past decade. 

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated because we have a legal or contractual obligation to whatever we have decided or going to decide upon. Be prudent !

for a Better Standard of Living


  1. So what are the issues in questions ?

  2. When will they seriously consider repainting the building? I have never failed to pay for my service charges, this is very unfair. The Condo looks like a squatter or low cost unit!

  3. on the 1st of August when we have our AGM this issue can best be brought forward.

  4. Salam to all and congratulations to the new JM Committees, may you better serve to enhance better living in SU Condo.

    I am hoping that the new committee will seriously look into the followings:

    1. To re-route traffic back to the original.
    2. To enforce: Strictly No Parking TO ALL along the exit route by the pool.
    3. Guidelines for Resident's usage when pool area is booked for private function.
    4. To propose strict renovation Works hours. I propose NO Works at all on Sat & Sun and public holidays, weekdays works can start at 10am - 5pm
    5. To formulate guidelines and distinguish between Residents' and Private functions