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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Month of celebration

Yesterday marked the last day of Syawal, hence the end of Aidil Fitri.

The ambience of hosting an 'open house' in a high-rise condominium may not replicate one that's celebrated in your kampung, but welcoming guests into your 'kampung' in the city has not in the slightest moment dampened the true spirit of Hari Raya - humbly serving your friends, families and neighbours in the most hospitable way.

Here are some evidence of that 'spirit' captured in time.

*please click on the photos for more

By the next festive celebration, it is hoped that more neighbours will turn up in the true spirit of 'open house' with an open heart.


  1. bagus ler hang pa semua dapat get together maybe next hari raya or celebration my turn to know u guys..& also jiran yang lain...this very happening

    your jiran @ SUre

  2. kepada 'your jiran@sure'

    Tak payah tunggu sampai next hari raya, bila-bila masa saja kami di sinaran ukay mengalu-alukan kunjungan jiran-jiran kerumah.

    Let's make it SURe lagi 'happening'