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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hodoh dimata (Ugly to the eyes)

(Tuesday 24 November 2009) exposed the ugliness of flats and condominiums - both public and private, which prevail in and around Klang Valley due to the irresponsible parties entrusted as caretaker of these premises. The article struck a strong cord with me as the owner of one of the units here in Sinaran Ukay Condominium.

Over the years I observed a steady deterioration of the building's external coating - moss growth, peeling of paint and discolourisation, making our beautiful condominium such an eyesore. I clinch everytime I see the building as I make my way up Bukit Utama.

Isn't there anything the JMB and residents could do to arrest this problem ?

And by the way KOSMO! open up an avenue for residents of common properties to highlight the plights.You can sms to them as follows;

Langkah 1 (vkadu) (jarak) to
Langkah 2 (taip aduan)
Langkah 3 (nama)
Langkah 4 Hantar ke 33833

Ar. Azaiddy Abdullah
Unit 4.16 Sinaran Ukay

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