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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good bye 2009 hello 2010

On Thursday, December 31st the little area around the BBQ pit was fast becoming a 'tropical' garden transformed by some residents of Sinaran Ukay, in time to usher in the fast approaching new year.

After many nights of planning and discussions, the time has arrived to greet 2010.

The evening started off with a welcoming speech by resident Capt. Nasa calling the residents to abstain from anything that might spoil the 'mood' of the evening.

1. no bickering about your neighbors
2. no mention of the Joint Management Committee
3. and no 'break wind' to pollute the environment.

Once the sizzling hot BBQ steak, chicken and lamb were served onto our plates, a 'doa' was recited by resident Tuan Haji Bakri thanking 'Allah Al-mighty' on the 'rezeki', the peace and harmony bestowed upon the residents of Sinaran Ukay.

Thanks to resident Yazid, we were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a 3 piece band of buskers serenading us with songs from the past and present 'sing-a-longs' that made us want to stand up and 'boogie'.

In line with the 'TROPICAL" theme agreed by everyone, the most favored dressed male for the night was unanimously won by resident Jamal and Zila as the most favored dressed female.

Special thanks to Stella for conducting the quiz that challenges the 'kids' in all of us. It brought new meaning to the program 'I am not smarter than a fifth grader'.

As for the kids, they had a field of a time solving puzzles and played games that were painstakingly prepared by the non-exhaustive game-master Fazu.

Of course no social gathering would be complete without the exchange of gifts among caring friends who as neighbors are the nearest 'family' to rely upon in times of need.

As usual the 'countdown' to the new year has enabled us to witness from a 'bird's eye view' the colourful fireworks brightening the KL skyline, a privilege that we have come to enjoy since the last decade from the very comforts of our home here among the hills of Bukit Antarabangsa.

Lastly many thanks to everyone especially Capt. Nasa, Yam & family, Aziz, Zila & family, Yazid, Fazu & family, Jamal & family, Zam & family, Darif & family, Tuan Hj Bakri & family, Shai & Stella, Alfie, Aishah Diva & family, Asri, Laila & family, Onn & family, Dadzie & family, Mansur, Tuty & family, Azhar, and also to those whose names were inadvertently left out (you know who you are) for making this event a roaring success and hopefully by next year the friendship expands much further to the remaining residents of Sinaran Ukay.

Here is to the next decade of friendship ... till 2020, be kind to your neighbors .

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  1. this how we live in malaysia...hahhaah be good guys

  2. A note of reminder that this event was not organised or financed by any others but the initiative of a handful of residents who collectively contributed by kind and cash in ensuring that we all live in a better environment as how it was in the past, present and future.

    Do say hello in the future so that we can enjoy living together as neighbours.

  3. it was a wonderful dinner, grand yet cozy. Thank you everyone!

  4. askum kawan kawan boleh i joint u all for next event u guys conduct..pls inform me by blog

  5. walaikum'salam,

    Alhamdulillah sekira nya kita dapat merapatkan lagi Sirahturahim melalui event begini.

    Sebenar nya tak payah tunggu event, kita boleh join anytime dengan kawan-kawan di sini.

  6. As'kom, sepatutnya event macam ni council member kena ada tunjuk muka baru mesra penduduk.Setakat ni yg ada cuma seorang sahaja, apa sudah jadi?

  7. Wa'alaikumsalam, Harap maklum bahawa event ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan council atau JMB.
    Ia di rancang dan dibiayai sendiri oleh beberapa penduduk yang perihatin terhadap sifat merapatkan lagi 'Siraturahim .
    Oleh yang demikian soal 'tunjuk muka' tidak timbul sebab ini ada lah atas dasar inisiatif peribadi.

  8. oh alhamdulilah kami berjaya menjayakan keramaian itu. dari memeningkan kepala memikirkan apa yang tak patut. jika ada kawan kawan lain yang nak sertai bagi acara yang akan datang 'tolonglah turun dan kita bersatu' demi persahabatan dan hidup kejiranan. dapat kita bersama sebagai rakyat SUK.

  9. Missed this 'makan2' event.. the best!!