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SURe contacts
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Saturday, June 9, 2012


There is an urgent need for the management of Sinaran Ukay Residence to take the necessary steps to seek the cooperation of every resident to ensure that the monthly service fee is promptly paid up.

The total  amount outstanding over the years is astonishingly huge and unfortunately from the records of last month's collection the trend has not been improving.

With the consent of the Pesuruhjaya Bangunan (COB) Menara MPAJ, the management has decided to embark on a campaign to recover and encourage a healthy cash flow to efficiently manage and maintain the everyday affairs of the condominium.

The first step is to implement the denial entry of access card for those who have yet to settle their outstanding service fee, water bills, insurance and cukai tanah for the period of at least JANUARI 2012 to MAY 2012.

The management has created a few schemes to make it easier for residents to settle payment. More information can be obtained by writing, calling or dropping by the management office.

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