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Sunday, April 19, 2009


ATTENTION All Residents of Sinaran Ukay. 
There will be a meeting on..
Date  : 01st May 2009
Time : 8.45 pm
Multi purpose hall.
Agenda for Discussion
1. Parking allocation
2. Access card
3. Building Defect Report & Improvement.
4. Accounts
residents may add any other matters for discussion ..
please email to 
on behalf of JMC


  1. OR

  2. its is from yahoo and not from google

  3. problem and matter to discuss as follows:

    1. access road (entrance) & traffic flow to relook for better traffic circulation.
    2. guard house policy - how to treat visitor come in & out from SUK.
    3. motorcycle rules in / out.
    4. people come in/out (neighbor) - passing the guard house
    +++ using our FACILITIES (better ask them to pay / share our maintenance fee.
    5. resident parking lot (which include in S&P, which apply for that) - residents with 2/3 & 4 cars.
    6. motorcycle parking along pedestrian walkway - how.
    7. 3 lifts require roof canopy - avoid rainy.
    8. 3 lifts finish ceiling are not same - why - centre lift too bright.
    9. parking area behind tnb substation nice if we convert for weekend to futsal court.
    10. car wash area - request for new water hose.
    11. squash court 1 & 2 - floor broken & leaking - maybe roof to make good.
    12. big screen require steel base.
    13. maintenance & guards stay with us - please explain to all resident (i also have private comments from other residents)
    14. colour scheme in progress preparing the options for confirmation.
    i.krish option (brown & sandy) previous (on notice board)
    iii.modern tones (my option)
    iv. minimum cost option (repaint like previous colour but pick up few selective area with new colour).
    15. maintenance accounts can be transparent. we as residents can see the in/out flows.
    16. reducing the maintenance fees proposal.
    17. external painting - my opinion & yazid - not to tender out to contractor BUT maintenance appoint a few workers (painting) and pay the kong (per day). we monitor them, who have the experience in this matter (maybe yazid as leader) he said FOC for him, please.
    18. proposal to relocate the guard house to centre lift location - maybe expensive BUT we can ask for quotation on thats.
    19. above ring road proposed to close (safety for children)
    20. open car park (proposed covered) maybe we can nego. with all owners maintenance pay for 70% and 30% from us. - myself no problem but please ask all residents.
    21. maybe resurface the whole premix.
    22. to relocate & identify best location for visitor car park (block a & b).
    23. air cond outlet by owners & tenants – dripping to the external wall – can management advise them on this, = keep our building clean…….
    24. good affort on the kelas mengaji al-quran arrange by yazid…..hoooray
    25. hows the fitness class for ladies – can we arrange on weekend bcos all residents around.
    26. to management please advise and get consent from all residents before you guys proceed anything, bcos some people maybe not like that way…im sorrriiii…….
    27. why some unit (maintenance fees) RM150.00 per month….where our calculation on 21sen per sq.ft.??? report by neighbor (she got prove)….

    i think thats all from me now, sir......thank you I not condemn the management but try to open our eyes wide open and willing to support you guys.
    For our better living in SUK. hehehehehe

  4. please re-confirm the date of our meeting bcos 1st may 2009 is long holiday (3 days off) maybe all our neighbor here ....balik kampung..lore

    please reschedule..tq

  5. true, its a long weekend...

  6. i think if we reschedule for this will lose the tempo of the game...why dont we just stick to it..we need to be firm on the date...u guys should reschedule on balik kampung :)

  7. saya setuju..buatpe nak reschedule pulak? toksah balik kampung laaaa ini lagi penting...

  8. ayooo no more pospone pls... 1 may meeting ok.

  9. Yes, go ahead as planned. Any date chosen will not suite/please everyone - sure somebody cannot make it one !!!!

  10. those who attend for the meeting is the one who is serious!!!! comon laaaa...if u ask for a meeting then pls try to make it la...balik kampung is not an option! there r some who is willing to attend for the meeting schedule 1st may..dont try to be selfish ok...

  11. 1st may is really not good - lots of people will be away compared to other weekends la - i'm sure the chairman will reschedule the date. for those who said balik kampung is not an option, they're are either disowned by their parents/families or they don't have a kampung or maybe their kampung is in kg baru / kg pandan so they can make a day-trip to their kampung hehehe


  13. to be more profesional,i think its better for them who is not free to set the new date.the management already set a date n u guys ask for reschedule.dont burden the chairman.try to be more tolerent and put a stop with this agreed or not agreed.set a date which is everybody agreed for me i suggest we do on the 30th april 8.45pm before the long weekend start.u have to bear in mind that the the second week of may also consider a long weekend because of wesakday and they r some want to balik kampung as do on the third week of may is consider long period and the tempo of the game will be halt.

  14. orait i think that the best date for us to meet everybody....agree as above

  15. i hope the chairman & his committee will agree with the proposed date (30 april) by the profesional anonymous above.
    chairman - please take note that the residents would like to receive the accounts at least one week in advance. this will give them ample time to 'digest' the accounts and prepare their questions.

  16. saya pun rasa mcm mr. chairmain tolong set the date secara rasmi n bagitau dkat resident pasal 30hb ok..kalau boleh tampal dkat dinding atau antar surat dkat umah..tq

  17. bagus tuh kami semua sokong untuk review semula akaun maintenance, overhaed yang ditanggung oleh maintenance dan segalanya..harap jgn berlaku perkara yang buruk..telima kasih lor

  18. Banyak sangat comment dari "anonymous" - entah-entah semua dari orang yang sama ... he....he...

  19. I just had the opportunity to look into site.

    If I could recall, there were requests in previous meeting to avoid long holiday period; as many may be away or spending quality time with their family.

    Anyway, we will not be here on 01 May as prior arrangement had been made.

    Would like to request assistance from the residents to assist in the Slopewatch campaign to be held on 17 May 2009, 8 am to 1 pm. We expect 200 - 300 residents from the surrounding communities in Bukit Utama to attend this Slopewatch program.

    The 'safety and emergency team' members should get involved. There are few others whom is currently assisting the program. Do SMS or let me know if you can/want to assist. We will be having a meeting early May to discuss the program. Our responsibility is as a (venue) host to the community. So, ... every help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

    Jay - 202

    BTW, please state your name or unit so you can be identified (for those using Anomymous)

  20. While we wait for the Blog to be updated, Meeting has been postponed to Thu 7/5/2009, 9.00 pm, Multi-purpose hall.

    Some of us are not brave enough to identify themselves, hence hide under "anonymous" especially when the comments could be "sensitive"

    Aziz 2.13

  21. Hi Aziz, Dont be suprised, actually Anonymous is the birth name. Ive checked the I/C,... It is writen as Anonymous Bin Said.

    Betul.... tak tipu, So biar la dia guna nama tu.

    Cheers man...

    Yazid 7-10

  22. jay, i love that if u can ask ALL RESIDENT'S for the slopewatch campaign, that happen on sunday, spoil our good time with children & family at pool side that day..(anyone please respond).

    our suggestion, why not you guys watch the slope at REAL SITE, have plenty area for the event. sorry for this, on behalf all residents.

    thank you..
    btw, pls get all resident to agree on this campaign. think SECURITY FIRST.

  23. another coward anonymousMay 9, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    jay who wrote about spending quality time with family is the one who invited over 200 strangers to spend quality time with us next week - how ironic, hahahaha
    jay, i doubt that you can get support from us as you are not a team player yourself
    aziz - let them continue using anonymous so long they have facts/valid points. for those who write bullshit, just ignore them la. not everybody is as brave as you la kawan.