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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Latest on meeting with JMB

MEETING UPDATE - Final and No more change.
Date : 07th May 2009 - Thursday
Time : 09:00 pm
Venue : Multi purpose hall
We like to propose for SUB COMMITTEE- to ease the burden and share some responsibilities together. Anyone could volunteer, whether your are tenant, owner or even if your have outstanding of service charge. This will be beneficial for all. The main committee will allow the sub committee to review all proposal , expenditures as well be liable to other tenants and residents in regards to overall operational matters.
Transparency can  only be achieved through active involvement and total participation rather than  mere call for it. Nevertheless, we appreciate all those comments made in order for improvement.
In regards to those issues raised by syafizam will be answered in couple of days and some will be brought to meeting for residents view point .
Thank you for concern and cooperation .
for and behalf of JMB


  1. Good idea to have a sub-committee. This is the time for those who are not happy or suspicious with the current management to step forward and be part of the team, and strive to make things better.


  2. jay, i love that if u can ask ALL RESIDENT'S for the slopewatch campaign, that happen on sunday, spoil our good time with children & family at pool side that day..(anyone please respond).

    our suggestion, why not you guys watch the slope at REAL SITE, have plenty area for the event. sorry for this, on behalf all residents.

    thank you..
    btw, pls get all resident to agree on this campaign. think SECURITY FIRST.

  3. no slopwatch in our territory!!!we are not offering ourself to become a host so why would we participate?have u consult with all the residents?we dont want to become an outsider in our own backyards!!!pity to the residents who want to spend quality time with their childrens at the pool...who will clear all the mess after u guys left?who will get the recognition?do we get any benefits?i know that this is a social work but if its only comes from an individual not by the SUK whos social work is it?

  4. wah, please dont proceed on the slopewatch,
    i agree with mr. Anonymous said above!!

    anyone please give your sorrii

  5. i don't think jay reads this blog - if not he must have done something to stop the organiser from hanging banners all around BA informing about the event @ Sinaran Ukay next week.

    too late guys!!