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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reminder to all residents on JMB meeting

Please make yourself available for the up coming JMB meeting ... 

9.00 pm • Thursday  • 7  May '09 • 
multi-purpose hall.

As we are well aware from the agenda posted earlier, this meeting is for us to analyse, suggest and sort out amicably every single issue if any that has plaqued us since the formation of the JMB.

It is crucially important that we remind ourselves that the primary objective is to find solutions in making Sinaran Ukay a livable sanctuary that we can proudly call 'HOME sweet HOME'.

Please extend this invitation to everyone, (it does not matter whether you have paid or not your service fee), your neighbours, owners or tenants and come with an open mind and a constructive attitude, so that we can make very sound and reasonable decisions.

See you all there.

Sinaran Ukay Residence
for a better standard of living


  1. datang...jangan tak datang

  2. orait sir,no matter what we all must come to meeting. we paid or not the maintenance fees, please come!! please come!! please come!!

    mr.chairman- any makan-makan on that meeting,please organise.