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Monday, May 11, 2009

A brief report on the 7th May JMB meeting

The meeting started at about 9.30 pm and it was enthusiastically attended by a handful of about 20 residents, but the overall atmosphere was one of an active and productive debate. 
Everyone had one thing in common and that is to improve further the standard of living in Sinaran Ukay.

Among other things discussed are the availability of the statement of accounts, which will be audited in June, the evaluation of the current security guards, the service fees, parking lots, entrance and exit ways, the tender process in awarding jobs, legal matters and the general well being of the place.

In conclusion, it is common knowledge that the humungous task of running the condominium falls onto the hands of only a couple of people in the management committee even though there are about 7 others who are registered as office bearers. As we all know from history, the appointment was more of a volunteering factor due to the deadline imposed in setting up the JMB.

Nevertheless, moving forward, a few residents were elected and even volunteered upon themselves the responsibilities in improving the current running of the condominium (with the blessings of the JMB) by forming a sub committee made up of the following portfolio.

1. Security - Darif 1-01 
2. Maintenance - Yazid 7-10
3. Collection & Revenue - Nicholas 3-04
4. Resident Affair - Dadzie/Cristal
5. Legal Affair - Raymond G-12
6. Social & Event - Asri 1-16 
7. Tender Comm - Shafizam 5-05 (Panels consist of all sub comm
8. Parking & Strata title - Adhoc Comm

There are others like Jamal, Nasaruddin, Aziz etc who have volunteered to assist in the respective committee and there is still a need for more residents to come forward  to be part of this task force.

Tentatively, a presentation by each committee will be made on the 16th May 2009.

For a more detailed minutes of the meeting, kindly refer to the office of the building management.

Syabas for those who have come forward to walk the talk .

for a better standard of living

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