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SURe contacts
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Saturday, August 4, 2012


UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS have been landing continously onto the grounds of Sinaran Ukay Residence in the past 3 weeks missing cars and passersby by inches.

These incidents happened at a very specific location, on the far end of block B near the 2nd Gate of the Rear Exit. The source to be more specific could be from one of the end units numbered  x.16.

Efforts have been made to monitor and apprehend the culprit, but as of now no sightings have been identified to lead towards the source or launching pad of these UFOs.

There are theories that it could be the work of juveniles or even ' foreign aliens ' living within the premises of Sinaran Ukay Residence.

To all residence kindly be on the alert !

CAUTION : Do not call the MEN IN BLACK , just call the office .

Identified evidence captured on film

Landing Pad at the end of Block B


  1. Well, a paint roller with traces of wet orange paint once landed on my car at the parking lot, leaving an unsightly mark. The roller belongs to some unit at the the end of block B too. I have experienced an egg fell on the car and cooked together with the shell under the sun, causing me hundreds of RM to remove the mark.

  2. My goodness. it's just a matter of time when somebody gets hurt.
    In the meantime, we just have to be more vigilante until we have enough financial resources to build roofings over the car parks. Even though this may not be a total solution, education and awareness are probably needed, hence the reason for this article.