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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Many thanks goes out to....

1. Sahsab for being the first to comment on the blog
2. Jay  for supporting and spreading the word 
3. Ros Hamid  for writing in, even though she had some difficulty in logging in.
4. Krish for the positive responds
5. Aziz for encouraging us to be more identifiable
6. Din for the pot luck idea and commitment
7. 'Guess who' for being a follower to the blog
8. and of course to all visitors who have been dropping by
..... again many thanks

For those you have yet to participate don't be shy... its only the neighbours.

Let's keep up the momentum and make it happen for Sinaran Ukay.....

.... Lets Rock !


  1. Congratulation to the person/s (whoever you may be) for setting up of this wonderful blog. I look forward to being part of this blog community. As owner of unit 416, I am happy to have a platform to hear what other have to say as well for me to express my two cent's worth.
    So keep up the good work and I will keenly follow and support whenever time permits.

  2. Congrats 4 ths blog... hope moderator can update this blog daily... and i suggest for this new year eve... the admin can arrange some 'sukaneka' for all resident of Sinaran Ukay or combine with all Bukit Utama resident

  3. sincerely, the creation of this blog is a job well done!! this blog provides invaluable support network to all of us, opportunity to forge great friendships, platform to share positive ideas/skills/feedbacks/issues...this blog is just what we need to connect with one another!! hopefully, more residents will make an effort to become a contributing member. lets make sinaran ukay a great place to live.
    again, congratulations to the creator/s and your responsiveness is greatly appreciated.

  4. bros & sis.. well done. looks like 2009 is gonna be a good for us residents...31 by the pool side sounds marvellous..happy holidays..

  5. Congratulation.. 4 ths wonderful blog... hope u can update it daily...

    Keep up the good work and juz need some confirmation whether is it true that 2.10 been break in?

    Kindly confirm..


  6. Hi all, and moderators for SU BLOG, excellent job guys. Finally communications can be established throughout our homes to get to know all better. Very nice blog too! A blessed Christmas "Although sudah lepas" to all at SU. And may the coming year bring greater peace of mind and contentment in life. God Bless-
    Patrick Leong 4.05