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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Serious Thoughts on security

There are some serious issues with regards to security in Sinaran Ukay following some incidents that has happened lately.

Please click on the excerpt to access to their full comments

excerpt comments from Zainuddin...

.... 'we ll have to brave some resident's wrath but if this is what it take lets stick together and support them for communal interest.'  (please click  here for the full comments)

excerpt comments from Anonymous...

...... Harap management dpt pantau pekerja2 dalaman especially pekerja warganegara asing.  (please click here for the full comments)


  1. Security is a main concern to our residents. I believed Mamu did not ugut the guards. It is the tenant or their friends that ugut the guards. The above message states that "..... dia ugut guard dgn weapon." is wrongly conveyed.

  2. ...please click on the excerpt to access to their full comments.
    Anyway the full text has been included to avoid further misunderstanding. Btw thanks for pointing it out.