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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let us be heard

Welcome everyone,

This blog is aimed at establishing a common line of communication among all residents of block A and B of Sinaran Ukay, Bukit Antarabangsa.

Let us work together in achieving a friendlier and accommodating neighbourhood that we can proudly call home.

All views, opinions & suggestion are always encouraged in making this objective a success.

You can always write in to and maybe kick start a working committee.

Hoping to hear from you all and what better way to usher in the coming New Year by having a family party right at your doorstep.

Let's Rock!

the unofficial volunteer for social happenings in Sinaran Ukay.


  1. Hi All,
    What a cool blogspot!!! This is an amazing effort. Hope it will unite us as a strong committee. Lastly, my wife and I would like to wish everybody a Happy Muharram & a Happy New Year.

    'We never walk alone'

  2. the unofficial volunteer had made an effort to get the ball rolling. hope all can join in to contribute and/or say your piece.

    good things will come when our relationship builds up; afterall we are all neighbours.

    till then, have a wonderful awal muharam, merry christmas, and a happy and healthy new year.

    the unofficial volunteer supporter

  3. A very good effort indeed. Since we are all residents/owners of Sinaran Ukay, we don't have to be shy to identify ourselves. May I suggest that we sign off our name and unit number.

    Unit 2.13

  4. Forwarding an email from Rosnani Hamid who said

    Hi neighbours,

    Finally and thank God we're talking. This is one great action to start 2009 with. Congratulations! But I must admit that I not so savvy with the blog. Tried to get in but unable. So this note is saying HI to all.
    May we have a fantastic New Year!

    Best wishes to us all,

    4.11 Ros Hamid

  5. lets plan something for this coming year..united we stand better we progress...


  6. If you know that your neighbour is IT-savvy but has yet to comment in this blog, kindly send them this link (for this blog) or SMS kat dia orang. So, at least we will know how many of us uses this blog.


    Jay 2.02

  7. This is great ! Now I know Jay is in 2.02, Krish 9.03, Ros Hamid 4.11. Hope more residents will come on-line. I wish to add my contact details for ease of communication between us and hopefully you guys can do the same.

    Unit 2.13
    Mobile: 012-2110742

  8. Hi, I am Nazarudin of 4.12. This is a good effort to enhance our comms and to get to know each other. I ll make it snappy, a few have suggested that we organise a gathering and I am game for it. I suggest a pot luck basis as per detail:
    1. 30/12/2008
    2. 8.30pm onwards
    3. By the pool
    4. Suggest what you wanna bring

    I hope this is not too troublesome. On another note, Krish is there a chance of building another BBQ pit on the opposite site, an area around 5m beyond the deepest part of the pool?

    Folks, I said enough, let be known if the gathering is good.


    Din 4.12

  9. Hi neighbours,

    Finally we have our own blog...very thanks to u guys who creating this very nice blogs to all...

    Best wishes to us all,

    5.05 zam

  10. Cool guys...
    cant wait for the event...

    Shai 7.12

  11. We talked abt security.. Ironically we also 'expose' our unit no. and (some) phone numbers. Bear in mind that this blog is accessible by the whole world - not just us residents. Lets be more careful in guarding ur identity online. U never know whos watching.