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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are you communicating ? Part 1

I get introduced to the meaning of effective communication in my line of work. While effective communication has become a salary-earning tool and being practiced far & wide in the domain of the office, we may sometimes forget to practice good & effective communication among our friends & family.

A large part of the problem to good & effective communication is that many of us are personally identified with their own opinion. When we discover that someone else’s opinion is different from ours, we may personally feel challenged, as if you are questioning our intelligence or character. As such, I always make it a point to recite the old adage: “opinion is like a**hole, everyone has one” to remind myself that while we are promoting our own opinion (a**hole), we should kindly note that the other person is entitled to his/hers.

For the moment, some of my friends suggest that “the lesser you speak, the lesser the mistake you make”. It is true that we are not keen to hear your opinion, especially about your kids or your pets or your favorite TV program. However like what all communication Gurus will tell you, communication is 2 ways. Therefore it is pertinent to speak your mind and give response appropriately. One of my favorite quotes by Edmund Burke will gladly point out that there are consequences when your opinion is due but you are not giving one.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

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  1. "It's better to shut your mouth and seem a fool, than to remove all doubt " - Abe Lincoln.

    "Jangan melawan cakap " - my mother ;-)

  2. Lincoln is a very wise man. His quote had ben proven more often than not. haha...