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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are you communicating ? Part 2

As human being, we were taught to be polite and mind our manners when we were young. But do we actually carry these values with us when we grow older. This prompts me to wonder about this incident when I bumped into a stranger in the elevator, where he is trying to “hold” the lift for his friend, literally. I felt that in this situation, a simple few words would explain his needs, and therefore spare the waiting crowd (actually it was just me) precious braincells puzzling over what-is-going-on. Yet, there was no communication and we waited a whole 5 minutes until his friend showed up in a fashionable I-didn’t-know-someone-else-is-waiting manner. Seriously, can’t this be communicated through a few words by either party?

If you are in the customer service or sales line of work, you will definitely be familiar with the effect of communicating through your tone of voice. While I am not a firm believer that you act cute (of which I am guilty of sometimes) to appease who you are speaking to, I do encourage we all tone down a little. If you don’t believe the effect, try this (at home only).

Say the following to your partner, one day in a harsh tone and another day in a gentle tone, watch the effects. Need I say more?

“What are you doing?”

Having said all the above, I personally find that communication is at the very least a singular reflection of WHO you are and the VALUES you represent. On the bigger context, it also speaks volume of your culture & upbringing as well as your societal background.

So, it is not too late to begin improving our communication skill. I hope you will join me to include this as one of your 2010 New Year’s Resolution. Happy New Year!

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