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Monday, December 28, 2009

condo Living Etiquettes pt 1

Living in our capital, Kuala Lumpur; while one can enjoy the sophistication & modernization of the city, it is inevitable to find oneself living among people, most of the time in close proximity. Though it is generally accepted that everyone is unique, the insensitive nature of some people living among us can pose a challenge to maintain harmony among neighbors.

Neighbor, according to the definition of Oxford Dictionary, means: “Dweller next door, near, same street or same village.”

It is as such paramount for folks living in the same vicinity (i.e. Sinaran Ukay Condo) to maintain a harmonious and peaceful living condition, more importantly be a responsible & sensible neighbor in all aspect.

For instance, if you're going to have a massive renovation, talk to your neighbor. While it's not required, you may find that your neighbor will be more understanding towards the noise & dirt from the renovation therefore less likely to complain. Get the drift?

Anyway, here’re a few tips to being a good neighbor:

1. Maintain the area around your home so that it's neat and clean.

2. Be conscientious about noises that might disturb your neighbors, such as vacuum cleaners, music, loud talk / argument and parties.

3. End parties at a reasonable hour. While you're at it, invite your neighbors to come, too.

4. Respect your neighbor's privacy.

5. Learn from neighbors with cultural backgrounds different from your own.

6. Invite your neighbor over for a leisurely cup of coffee to discuss any problems you may have, or to share any good news.

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  1. In the past being a neighbor means sharing. Sharing that extra plate of goreng pisang, sharing that extra bowl of curry, sharing a cup of sugar, sharing that extra rambutan from your garden and of course sharing the neighborhood gossips :-)

  2. I remember when I was growing up, my next door neighbor will share with us curry chicken or beef whenever there was extra, and in return we will share with them fruits we bought from Woodlands (used to be cheaper & better). The relationship among neighbors was cordial and unpretentious.